Hi, Kevin here.

Kevin Peterson, CISSP

Founder | Chief Content Officer

Kevin is the trusted advisor to the entire C-suite and board members on enhancing their brand before a cyber crisis, quickly recovering it after one.

With over 30 years of information security experience, as well as over a decade of security marketing experience, Kevin Peterson is a well-recognized global cybersecurity marketing leader.

Prior to founding SecurityAscent, Kevin served as the director of security and network transformation at the #1 cloud security company, where he authored many of the thought leadership white papers, would be asked to speak at over 50 security conferences per year, and would regularly blog about various security topics.

Earlier experiences included that of IT risk leader for McKesson (Fortune 5), where he led the security and risk practice for one of their major business units (business unit security officer), as well as a large amount of their ideation and strategy for cloud security topics ranging from A to Z (Azure to Zscaler). And before that, senior product manager for the #1 remote access solution at Juniper Networks, where he was a co-author of the best-selling book on the topic, as well as the founder of the incredibly successful “SSL VPN Insider” blog site.

Other influences include significant roles at Microsoft and the United States Air Force Special Operations Command.

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Siobhan Park | ZecurityAscent

Siobhan Park

Managing Editor

Siobhan is on a mission to deliver content that not only educates but entertains.

In just a few years, Siobhan has built an impressive background by becoming a jack of all trades in the digital marketing field. She has experience in web design, social media, search engine optimization, graphic design, and more. She has been a named writer or ghost writer for several agencies and companies, writing on a range of topics from digital marketing to hospitality recruiting.

Siobhan spent two years living and working in South Korea, experiencing first hand how digital media can spread across the world and it’s true power to fuel change. She is dedicated to leveraging the power of digital technology and media to create a better, safer future for everyone. In true millenial fashion, she prefers to create an experience that won’t be forgotten.

If you want to see how she spends her time when she’s not creating content or head-down in a website rebuild, check out her social media links below.


Conor Peterson

Director of Audience

Currently a student at the University of Georgia and an accomplished member of the varsity men’s rowing team, it’s amazing that he can find the time for SecurityAscent. But he does. And in a big way.

During all those holidays and major breaks, Conor works as a full-time intern, contributing all he can to the mission (mostly the deep thinker on which hashtags to use on each platform) and the customers. While in school, he joins the various team calls to make sure that he is staying on top of everything, including contributing a fair amount of creative content as needed. So whenever anyone has a question about just how some content might be beneficial to the youngest generation, this is who comes into focus.

His primary role though is getting all those customer contacts into the CRM software and generally helping grow the audience. But such is the life of a #noob.

We expect big things from Conor as he graduates and takes on a full time leadership position.