No marketing agency would be respectable without a core competency in creative. And when you are dealing solely with cybersecurity professionals, from customers to vendors, the ability to blend data analytics with visualizations that drive engagement is what brings all that value into focus.


On Brand Content for Cybersecurity Events / Conferences

Have you ever been to a conference, pulled out the standard corporate sales deck, then watched the audience quietly stream out as it is methodically worked through it on the stage? Or how about placing a bunch of sales collateral at your booth and realizing by lunch that no one is picking any of it up, while a competitor across the hall is capturing their attention?

The reason for missing the mark at conferences is largely due to the content and messaging just not being tuned for that particular audience. More specifically, it's delivering the content that was designed for a one-on-one sales engagement to this much broader and more distracted audience. In most cases, it comes down to that one template sales deck that is so stuffed with every conceivable competitive land mine and self-serving value proposition that the message can't possibly break through the urge to grab the phone and at least catch up on email. 

On brand, yes. But also engaging for the time and place.

Of course the messaging needs to be on brand and it has to be engaging. But more importantly, it really doesn't have to cover everything. You only want the audience to be partially satisfied, with a clear call to action at the end to come by your booth to learn much more. 

Bottom line: Yes, all of your messaging needs to be on brand. But it also needs to be succinct, engaging, and in context. And the context, right now, in this very moment, is the event...not a sit-down with a sole target prospect in their comfy and quiet office space.


What to Look For

As a cybersecurity marketing agency, our customers are looking for deliverables that they can't necessary provide. While all Silicon Valley cybersecurity vendors do have great creative people on staff, there are quite often gaps when it comes to field marketing. So with this in mind, here are the Top 3 things we see join opportunities around:

  1. Event Flyers and Booklets: Agencies can see things in a more abstract way, typically to the great benefit and delight of the target audience. A great way of showcasing this is building full bleed event collateral that is finely tuned to your audience. An example of this would be a standard 8 page booklet, featuring the sales talent right on the back, with just the right door opener content. We want them to keep this around, so that when it's sitting there staring back at them on their desk, they have to make a very deliberate decision to act on it or just throw it away. These also make for excellent pre and post event content for additional prospect engagement!
  2. Presentation Review: The very top cybersecurity evangelists don't need this advice, as they are so good at what they do (connect with the audience at a peer level) that no corporate slide deck will ever come between them and that connection. Unfortunately, most cybersecurity field marketing events don't have one of these rock stars at their disposal. At least not every time. So, here's an opportunity to have a matched cybersecurity agency on retainer to help smooth out those bumps; one that can simply review the current slide deck, trim or enhance it as much as is needed, then coach it all the way to the close. 
  3. Social Media Content: Part of connecting with the event audience is addressing the social aspect. This includes creatively presenting those otherwise boring photos that are being taken by your event sales and marketing staff in a way that will capture the eye of both the attendees and the event company themselves. You can do this yourself, but of course that's easier said that done while the event is going on. Or you can simply fire off those pictures to your agency so that they can quickly make something usable out of them, handing back the finished product, including the recommended text, mentions, and hashtags. All you have to do is forward, receive, the post. The creativity is for the agency to handle.  Exec Alliance


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Written by Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is the founder and chief content officer at ZecurityAscent, where he is the combined marketing/cybersecurity thought leader in enhancing your corporate brand before a cyber crisis, so that you can quickly recover after one. His background includes over 30 years in various security-related roles (up to the Fortune 5), of which the majority are as a Silicon Valley security marketing and branding expert. Adding to this is his own professional brand as an author, blogger, speaker, and United States Air Force veteran.
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