Twins. Competitive...twins!

For those outside your organization (analysts, customers, prospects...) you and your competitors look an awful lot alike. And in many cases you are. You really, really are.

And it's also why such competitive intelligence matters, especially in the online communities. The online brand universe is where even the smallest players can loom large, packing a punch that is exponentially out of their known weight class.


Are You Breaking Through? 

Rather than pick on one security vendor, here's a high level view of a one week period leading up to the Black Hat 2018 conference. We are taking in all media, blog, social, forum, and other public sources to see what is being talked about most. Isn't it just a bit interesting that Webroot, Qualys, and BrightTALK are able to break through all the nose to at least be seen? How did they do it, exactly? 

Black Hat Trending Vendors

You can just imagine what it would look like to do the same with your brand, but then lining that right up next to that of your competitor(s). Are you really taking about the same things. Should you be talking about the same things? If so but not now, then when would be ideal?

This is about having through breakthrough moments, time and time again, in a way that give you a competitive advantage. 


You Do You, but also...

I am certainly not advocating that you follow the moves of your competitors. Far from it. You should be unique and beating your own drum. But, what if your competitor(s) start to mirror all your moves? Are you even in a position to see that, let alone measure it to see if they are perhaps better or even worse in that particular area?

Answering these very tough questions is exactly why we built the Brand Power services. Just as your entire brand is monitored, we do the same for your competitors. This allows us to see what's trending, positive to negative sentiment, volume, followers, comments, and much more. Put in motion, the side-by-side comparison below provides real world insight between two vendors who are, at the very least, competing for the same bucket of money. 

Looking at the chart below (both prominent cybersecurity companies), if you are the blue company being represented, you have to be questioning what's going on with your online brand presence. Likewise, if you are the brown company as a competitor, you would surely be encouraged to see the more recent gains. Are the gains of brown and the expense of blue? Maybe. And by going deep on the data, it might very well reveal the truth. 

Competitive Analysis | ZecurityAscent

To some, this would be seen as a leading indicator. To to others, a lagging one. Regardless of who is ultimately right or wrong will, just like the data itself, likely come down to the context of the particular conversation. But one thing that is not up for debate is that the best marketing organizations are the ones who know how to collect and then use data to their clear advantage. And if you can at least see and stay on top of all the public moves that your opponent is playing, that certainly can't hurt.   

As always, please feel free to reach out to me for a live consultation and even deeper NDA discussions. 

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Written by Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is the founder and chief content officer at ZecurityAscent, where he is the combined marketing/cybersecurity thought leader in enhancing your corporate brand before a cyber crisis, so that you can quickly recover after one. His background includes over 30 years in various security-related roles (up to the Fortune 5), of which the majority are as a Silicon Valley security marketing and branding expert. Adding to this is his own professional brand as an author, blogger, speaker, and United States Air Force veteran.
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