One of the more remarkable pieces of insight that we produce for our clients is what's truly trending around their brand. For our security vendor clients as part of the Brand Power program, this generally comes down to what they would expect to see, largely based on what content they are producing for their various campaigns. But not always.


When the Content Misses

There are certainly times when the content just misses, failing to live up to whatever expectations were set.

Produce enough content and some of it will surely fail to reach apogee. Like you, this is just the world we live in. However, by playing the role of objective outsider, with supporting data in hand, we are able to validate the results, make our own recommendations, and even put it through our own creative team to help turn it around. If there's a repurposing and/or retargeting approach that might work, that's what we are looking for. All is not lost just because a goal wasn't met the first time around, though it might be if there's no fair analysis and remediation plan. 


When the Campaign Ends

Of course it's quite natural and certainly by design that many of the marketing campaigns you run will drive trending topics only while the campaign is running. With so many features, partners, and limited focus by the field and customers, there's no viable way to keep that one special thing going.

That's NOT what we are talking about here though.

The real problem comes in when newer campaigns dilute your cornerstone content efforts so much that they are no longer even trending topics. And cornerstone content should always show up on your trending and/or hot topics list, right? 


Let's assume for a moment that you are the CMO for Black Hat and one of your company/brand cornerstones for this fiscal/calendar year is new feature called X-Force Red. In support of this initiative you ran a few great campaigns, which have now ended, with the deliberate pivot to new ones. BUT...when you look at the daily trending topics report, you can see that it is in rapid decline. Are you good with this? Will the CEO find it acceptable? How about the key parters, investors, or the board?

Trending Topics

So then you go and take a look at the top topics that your brand has been associated with since the end of the last campaign. And there, too, you can see that in the context of your overall brand, X-Force red is not at the the scale that you had expected or just hoped. 

Top Topics for Campaigns-1

Sustaining Engineering

Just like any great piece of code that you intend to stick around, cornerstone products and features must always be out there winning the hearts and minds of the target audience. As you know, it has to stay relevant, without over-indexing. This is just smart sustaining. And it undeniably needs the technical approach to a very human problem. 

This is exactly why we don't just measure up on your brand, but also take on the full brand monitoring and competitive intelligence of your named competitors. We do this because we need to be able to benchmark your success against theirs. What are they saying and doing that is, or could be, disruptive to you business? Will they eat your lunch, or will you be able to eat theirs? 

Bottom line: If you aren't seeing what we are seeing and are committed to full objectivity in the emerging data, then it's worth at least talking to us to see what can be done with Brand Power. 

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Written by Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is the founder and chief content officer at ZecurityAscent, where he is the combined marketing/cybersecurity thought leader in enhancing your corporate brand before a cyber crisis, so that you can quickly recover after one. His background includes over 30 years in various security-related roles (up to the Fortune 5), of which the majority are as a Silicon Valley security marketing and branding expert. Adding to this is his own professional brand as an author, blogger, speaker, and United States Air Force veteran.
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