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Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is the founder and chief content officer at ZecurityAscent, where he is the combined marketing/cybersecurity thought leader in enhancing your corporate brand before a cyber crisis, so that you can quickly recover after one. His background includes over 30 years in various security-related roles (up to the Fortune 5), of which the majority are as a Silicon Valley security marketing and branding expert. Adding to this is his own professional brand as an author, blogger, speaker, and United States Air Force veteran.
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No marketing agency would be respectable without a core competency in creative. And when you are dealing solely with cybersecurity professionals, from customers to vendors, the ability to blend data analytics with visualizations that drive engagement is what ...
Brand Power


One of the more remarkable pieces of insight that we produce for our clients is what's truly trending around their brand. For our security vendor clients as part of the Brand Power program, this generally comes down to what they would expect to see, largely based ...
Brand Power


The cybersecurity event marketplace is huge and still showing signs of growth. It seems there's never a shortage of security practitioners looking to mingle. And of course for all you security vendors out there, opportunities galore!...
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Twins. Competitive...twins! For those outside your organization (analysts, customers, prospects...) you and your competitors look an awful lot alike. And in many cases you are. You really, really are....
Brand Power


With thousands of cybersecurity vendors out there, it's tough enough to build an online brand presence, let alone maintain it at a world-class competitive level. Sentiment, mentions, content, engagement, topics, and trends are all areas that need to be addressed, ...
Brand Power

Vendor Assurance and Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring is Just Smart IT Imagine for a moment that you are sitting there just enjoying a rather unexceptional day in IT. There are no big fires to put out, no projects that are getting behind, and no one really complaining about anything. Life is  just ...
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The [24] Brand Impact

It's been a few years since I trained my youngest child how to drive. But when I did, I recall one of the real joys is that moment when you start seeing his or her eyes no longer focusing on what is just in front of them (as in, a few feet from the front bumper), ...

Modernizing Executives: Social Media Crisis Readiness

Let’s face it, the skills that many have carried through their careers are no longer quite a relevant as they once were. Typewriters were replaced by all of our computing devices, written and posted memos by email. And the ability to drive internal and external ...
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Marketing & Cybersecurity Team Building

While marketing and IT have broadly stayed distant from each other, it's clear that cybersecurity now inspires that to change. Because, if the brand both are charged with defending has any chance to fend off a total cyber crisis, it will take boundless creativity ...
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Your Cyber Crisis Marketing Strategy: Doomed From The Start?

No offense to anyone who is doing great at talking up the cyber crisis marketing strategy and overall awareness around the need to do something, but strategy and lingering to-do lists alone aren’t going to cut it any longer. Time and time again we see ...
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Cybersecurity Content Marketing: Enhancing Your Reputation

Is it even remotely possible to enhance your cybersecurity reputation without supporting content? To be more specific, as your brand is facing a cyber crisis, can it be restored without aggressively having compelling and positive content created? This is, after ...

Cybersecurity Breach: Who Tells Your Story?

Who tells your security breach story? The obvious answer to who is telling your story is basically anyone and everyone. But the real winning answer is that you do, of course. Because in the realm of crisis management for cybersecurity incidents there are ...

Security Breach: Fight, Freeze, or Flee?

The Security Breach: Will you fight, freeze, or flee? A cybersecurity breach for your organization is certainly a traumatic experience. And because of this the same options that hold true for any high-stress situation are now laid bare. We can choose to fight, ...

3 Steps to Elevating Your Cybersecurity Reputation

The cybersecurity reputation of an organization is a tricky thing. Why? Well, because it’s actually measurable through various qualitative and quantitative measures, yet scarcely mentioned until something goes wrong. Instead, the headlines read something along ...
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Rising Above the Dreaded Security Breach

Rising above the dreaded security breach. Now there's a challenge. How many companies do you think wish they had cracked the code on that before they found themselves sinking in what must seem like quicksand? To set the stage a bit more, let's start off by asking ...
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